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Lets Know, What is Google CEO’s Breakfast Menu

Lets Know, What is Google CEO’s Breakfast Menu
Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently took over Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Alphabet’s founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin has moved away from the company. Pichai, who joined Google at 2004, has become a favorite disciple of Larry and Brin by his skilled. Now the burden of carrying out the most important responsibilities of the technology world is now on his shoulders too. He is leading eight other companies besides Google. Now the big question is how he would cope up with all this responsibilities? What is he taking as his breakfast menu?
The CEO of Google and Alphabet recently spoke to tech based website Recode about his breakfast in an interview. Pichai says he is an old fashioned guy. A late riser. Before heading to the office, he read the newspaper with his breakfast. Tea is must in his breakfast and along with tea toast biscuit is must needed menu. That is his all time and favorite choice. In addition to serving protein as a vegetarian diet, fried eggs are his favorite meal. He adheres to the morning routine such as light breakfast and newspaper. Pichai basically gets up between six and seven in the morning. In the morning, he first takes the newspaper at a glance. In the morning he cannot find time for exercise. Every morning he read an online edition of the New York Times alongside a printed copy of The Wall Street Journal.

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