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Things To Know For Google Search

Things To Know For Google Search

Google stores search information whenever consumers search from smartphones or computers or any other gadgets. The company explained that this is done to improve search results. But the problem is after that google will show you ads based on your searches. Again shows the results according to the search of the users. 

There are many who don’t want to store their information by Google. The stored information is also known as “search history”. Google has also the way to cut down this facility. Windows or MAC both follows below steps:

  • Visit the website from any browser.
  • Login to your Google account by using your user ID and password.
  • After logged in, click on the Web and App Activity segment.
  • Stop the service by pressing the toggle button on side.
  • From this section, you can turn off the service that stored search information about location and YouTube search.

From SmartPhone:

  • Install the Google app on Android or IOS devices.
  • Select “More” from the bottom bar.
  • Turn of the Web & App Activity toggle button by tapping the Search activity option from the activity section.

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