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Hyundai Will Make flying Cars for Uber’s Air Taxi Service

Uber air taxi

Hyundai Motors is building a flying taxi for Uber (a digital transportation service company) to carry passengers on the air. Hyundai said this at a news conference at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 technology show in Las Vegas, USA. At that time, the SA-One introduced a four-seated aircraft model of the car.

According to the agreement, Hyundai is responsible for the construction of flying vehicles. Uber will, on the other hand, set up aerial route and provide customer service through a ride sharing network. However, the two companies will work together to build a special infrastructure for the aviation and landing of flying taxis.

Eric Allison, head of the Uber Elevator project said “Hyundai is our first partner in the production of cars globally,”.  Hyundai said in the current aerospace industry Uber is a suitable institution for flying taxis to produce high quality, reliable aircraft.

This flying taxi can run at a maximum speed of 180 miles per hour. It will fly about two thousand feet above the ground. This taxi will be able to cross the maximum distance of 60 miles drawn. They claim it will take five to seven minutes to charge the battery. It will use smaller rotors instead of larger wings like helicopters. Uber has revealed that there will be a pilot who will going to operating the taxi.

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