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Sony Is Bringing Pocket AC !

In the eighties decade Sony introduced Workman to the big & long audio players market; the instrument that could be heard singing in the pocket. This time the Japanese giant announced that they can be made in AC pockets!

Sony has unveiled a cooling device that will act as a transportable AC. The cooling device is placed in the back pocket of specially designed t-shirt. It will keep the body cool during the summer as well as keep the body temperature warm in winter. News technology site Verge & News

Sony’s Crowdfunding website says the device is priced at US $ 117. The ‘Peltier effect’ is used in cooling devices called Reon Pocket. This technique uses little electric waves, which absorb or release heat. Customers can control the functionality of the smartphone app. Sony plans to bring the automatic mode to the device in the future. The company claims the customer will be able to cool up to thirteen degrees Celsius and heat up to eight degrees Celsius. The device will run for up to 24 hours at full charge via USB Type C. Sony plans to bring it to market by March 2020.

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